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Skinangel Milkustar Premium 200ml

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Product [Skinangel Milkustar – Premium 200ml]
Five minutes after applying the product, wash with water for a clear and bright skin. It is a wash-off type brightening massage pack.
For those who want to brighten certain parts only, cover the target parts with the pack, gently massage and wash with lukewarm water for a natural, milky white skin tone. Brightening lasts for a maximum of 10 hours.
Six elements stimulating the skin (talc, parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes, phenoxyethanol, and mineral oil) have not been added. Instead, the product contains snail mucus filtrate, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, and adenosine for a moisturized and clear skin

Premium 200ml Whitening massage mask pack.
Non fragrance/pigment/alchole/preservatives/mineral oil/talc

Dermatologists of Seoul National University Hospital created COSMEDICAL brand which is based on clinical trials of a long.
skinfactory through rigorous testing, women's studies maskpack for sensitive skin, is developed.
Skinfactory studies and develop the most suitable maskpack for the women's sensitive skin, through rigorous testin

It is a portmanteau of cosmedical cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It also meant a functional cosmetics,Dermatologist developed with their extensive clinical experience.


  1. Before using the pack, clean your face and smoothing facial skin.

  2. Open the sheet mask. closely match the appearance of the face and attach the sheet maskevenly.

  3. After 15~2Omin. Uncover the sheet mask and gently tap the rest of essence on the skin onyour face, so that it absorbed.
    The capacity of other general brand maskpack are 18~25ml. However, Skinfactory maskpack contains the high capacity, 30ml.

  4. "The user also put the rest of essence on the neck."